Public Transport

Public Transport

Fotos und Text: Ingo Gerken

Public Transport via Krishna Rajendra Road, Avenue Road, Gundopanth Street, Mysore Road, Kalasipalyam Main Road, Nawab Hyder Ali Khan Road

This sequence features the transportation of a mathematical figure of universal validity.

The object is conceived as a supremely neutral entity of pure symmetrical order.

An abstract form without intention.

Its solid body is comprised of twenty faces, thirty edges and twelve vertices.

It has no artistic quality or expressive power by itself.

It has the capacity to absorb and mirror its immediate context, situation and surroundings.

It is able to collect and multiply its spectrum of input.

It can expand its impact and magnitude in all possible directions.

The object appeared in the streets of Chickpet Quarter in central Bangalore.

It was adrift among the flow of daily rush, balanced on the head of a hired helper.

The project was realised in cooperation with Goethe-Institute Max Müller Bhavan &
1 ShanthiRoad Studios in Bangalore, India, 2018.
Catalogue is published by The Books The Books, Hamburg, 2020.

Mo, 10/05/2020 - 09:31


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